Good health for all through the systems of Ayurveda and Indigenous medicine.



Designing and implementing national level programs to bring about good health for all by conservation, development and preserving identity of the systems of Ayurveda and Traditional Indigenous medicine.


1.    To provide a quality public health service by systems of Ayurvedic and Traditional medicine.

2.    To make arrangements for development in the field of indigenous medicine through teaching and  research.

3.    To protect systems of indigenous and traditional medicine for the future generation.

4.    To properly regulate the field of indigenous medicine.

5.    Quantitative and qualitative production of medicine required for the area of Indigenous Medicine.

6.    To contribute to sustainable development in the country by taking national and international measures required for development of indigenous medicine.



1.    To establish and maintain hospitals and other institutions for research and teaching activities.

2.    To conduct conferences, classes of training and courses of study required for teaching purposes.

3.    To conduct research on medicine required for indigenous medicine and clinical and literary research.

4.    To disseminate and preserve systems of traditional and indigenous medicine by keeping their identity.

5.    To supervise and administer all registered traditional and Ayurvedic doctors and other services in the field.

6.    To regulate all public and private institutions, medicine, equipment, prevention and treatment services pertaining to the field of Indigenous Medicine.

7.    To cultivate, preserve and disseminate herbal plants.

8.    To take national and international measures required for development of systems of indigenous medicine.

Organizational Structure

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