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  • Implementation of vision and mission.
  • Create an environment that promotes quality care.
  • Create an environment that promotes quality patient care.
  • Research on medicinal plants.
  • Researching on ayurvedic treatments and therapies.
  • Providing standard training to intern doctors.
  • Securing traditional medicine systems.
A brief introduction of the institute Opening details

Bandaranaike memorial ayurveda research hospital situated in the historic area of Digamadulla The hospital was started as a free dispensary in 1990 under the urban council.  1993 the free Ayurvedic dispensary took over the health department and regulate under the RDHS office Ampara On 26of April 2002 free Ayurvedic Dispensary, upgraded as Ampara Ayurvedic  Hospital regulated by eastern province. On 01st of December 2009 Bandaranaike memorial Ayurveda research hospital took over under Central government.

Founders –

  • Dayasiri senanayakeDr.Shanthilatha.
  • Dr.M.D.Kumudini.
  • Dr.D.H.P.Janmawera.

Condition existing on the day of opening :- Free Dispensary.

Year by year progress:-

  • Current situation (OPD/Wards/Building/Herbal Garden/Pharmacy/Etc.
    • OPD

    Statistic of the patients

    • Wards
  • Building:-
  • Herbal Garden:- Area 1.5 Hectare
  • Pharmacy:-
  • Herbal garden:-
  • With few Photographs :-

    Curative care:-

    OPD clinics (name, photos, more details if any)

    OPD clinics name:-

    • Neurological disease
    • Gynecology disease
    • Rectal disease
    • Skin disease
    • Agni karme disease
    • Ischemic Strokes
    • Wards details for general public:-
    • Statistic data

      Special clinics details if any:-

      • Elders home clinics

      Mobile clinics details in last five years with places

      • Parliament clinics
      • Clinic conducted by police stations
      • Conducted in temples clinics
      • Clinics conducted by regional secretariats
      • Public clinics.                                                                                          Any special activities done?  with  photographs 2021 Plantation day in the Hospital


    Herbal pharming

    Land area:-


  • Items Cultivated Numbers/Amounts:- 113
  • Output :-
  • Other – projects /Services with photographs                                                            Multy  cultural programs :-
  • Alms giving:-

  • Vesak ceremony :-

Monthly plantation programs

Weekly dengu prevention program

Donations for the hospital

Food promotion program

New year customs

  • Any general public data regarding your institute

  Exhibitions conducted by the hospital

At Vidyanda pirivena, Ampara -2016

At Samanabadda pirivena , Ampara – 2018

At Weerasingha ground,  Ampara – 2020

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