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Brief history of the Institution

Teaching Hospital of Siddha medicine was established at Konesapuri in Trincomalee  district in 06/07/2009.  Initially OPD service is providing for publics and it was functioning in health department building from 2009 – 2015. In 2014 two small ward buildings were constructed (ward with Ten beds) it was handed over in 18.05. 2014. After that Teaching Hospital of Siddha Medicine is functioning this two small buildings. But administration, OPD service, ticket counter, dispensary and ward are in some small buildings and working with lot of problems.

National planning department, Colombo approved 710 Mn Sri Lankan Rupees for construction of Teaching Hospital building. After that 264 million, 250 million, 185

million was allocated in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. Unfortunately building was not constructed.

Six medical officers are working in this hospital. But there is no rooms to consult the patients. Special clinics are conducting Monday to Saturday. In OPD massagetherapy, Bandaging and some special therapies (Nasiyam, Kaddu vasthi, leech application, Varma therapy and yoga) are providing to the patients.  In the small building there are some sections such as section for external therapy and pharmacy.   

In pharmacy we are preparing some Siddha drugs in small amount such as Anda thylam, Karpurathi thylam, Karpuravalli syrup, Mathumeha Chooranam, Klarchchi Chooranam and Vandukolli powder.  In herbal garden about 250-300 plants are available. Awareness program also conducting for school students, clinic patients, elderly people and other publics.  About 40-50 Siddha medical students were came for their clinical training earlier but number of students are increasing now ( about 90).  In this small hospital, we are managing with lot of difficulties.

Staff data and Statistic data
  • Staff data

  • Statistic data

Special Clinic Patients Statistic – January to June 2022

General OPD Patients Statistics – January to June 2022

  • Ongoing Projects – Nil
  • Other projects data – Building of administrative block is very urgent in 2023 design phase and estimation were completed
Herbal Gardens
Mobile Camp
Awareness Program
  • Name of the institution :- Teaching Hospital of Siddha Medicine, Konesapuri.
  • Address of the institution :- Nilaveli Road, 6th mailpost, Konesapur, Trincomalee.
  • Telephone Numbers :- 0262051222
  • E-mail :-
  • Fax :- 0262051222
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