Let us introduce

National Policy for Traditional Medical Systems(TMS) of Sri Lanka

The traditional medical policy entitled “Reviving Ancient Wisdom” encapsulates a visionary and holistic approach to healthcare, drawing inspiration from time-honored healing practices and systems of medicine from various cultures around the world. This policy seeks to explore, integrate, and promote traditional healing methods, with a particular focus on the revitalization of Ayurveda, an age-old system of medicine originating in India.

Through “Reviving Ancient Wisdom,” the aim is to create an inclusive and dynamic healthcare system that values the significance of the mind-body-spirit connection. This policy recognizes the intrinsic value of traditional healing knowledge, embracing it as a valuable complement to modern medical practices.

1. Step

Study tours

2. Step

Stake holder meeting with subject specialit of ayurveda, Siddha, Unani

3. Step

stakeholder meeting -with Industry , enterpreneous of TM sector

4. Step

hybrid with traditional medical practioners

5. Step

NASTEC meeting

6. Step

hybrid meeting NSF

7. Step

DC Hybrid meeting -NSF

8. Step

Drafting commitee meeting