Ayurvedic Research Hospital Medawachchiya

A brief introduction of the institute

Opening details :-

It’s a  problem for the people who live in North Central province are suffering from chronic kidney diseases To prevention of this problem  with help of Ayurveda Traditional  treatments 2017.08.06 stablish this Hospital  situation of the hospital is near a A9 road far from one kilometer from  medawachchiya city There is two wards O.P.D ,Kitchen , Analytical  Laboratory and primary Care unit include our Hospital.

Condition existing on the day of opening :- Ayurvedic Research Hospital  for prevention of kidney diseases -Medawachchiya

Cadre information

DesignationServiceSalary codeService levelApproved cadre
DirectorSLAMSSL1Senior level01
Ayurvedic medical officerSLAMSSL2Senior level06
Special doctors  Days pay02
NursedeptMT7Tertiary level05
MatrondeptMT7Tertiary level01
Administration officerPMAS supraMN7Tertiary level01
Medical lab technician MT6Tertiary level02
Health Management AssistantPMASMN2Secondary level02
Ward clerkdeptMN1Secondary level02
PharmacistdeptMT2Secondary level04
Masseur MN1Secondary level02
DriverdsPL3Primary level01
Ticket clerkDeptPL2Primary level01
DispenserDeptPL2Primary level02
CookDeptPL2Primary level02
Diet clerkDeptPL2Primary level01
Lab assistantDeptPL2Primary level01
AttendantDeptPL2Primary level04
K.K.S.DeptPL1Primary level02
Ayurveda sewa sahayakaDeptPL1Primary level10

Current situation (OPD/Wards/Building(Lab, kitchen, Etc.)  /Herbal Garden/Pharmacy.





Herbal Garden

Primary care unit


Statistic of the patients

Curative care

OPD clinics

OPD clinics name:-

  • CKD
  • High blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Skin disease
  • Arthritis
  • Cures acidity
  • Cholesterol
  • Orthopedic

Clinics newly started

  • Food counseling for non communicable diseases
  • Elder care clinic

Last five years general OPD patients attendance

Monthly  average  attendance

Mobile clinics details in last five years with places

  • Clinic conducted  by school of walisingha harischndra  – anuradhapura
  • Conducted in temples clinics
  • CKD clinic in Kahatagasdigiliya
  • CKD clinic in bahodawewa
  • CKD clinic in medawachchiya

Special Activities

2021 Plantation day in the Hospital

Other – projects /Services with photographs

Blood donation camp

Contact Us

Address of the Institution : Ayurvedic Research Hospital Medawachchiya.

Contact Numbers : 0252054013

Email : ayurvedakidneyh.medawachchiya@gmail.com

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