Chamal Rajapaksha Ayurvedic Research Hospital


To bring Ayurveda health care of scientific standards to this region, to involve as a premier Ayurveda hospital in the country and to touch the lives of the people we save through, excellence in Ayurveda clinical care quality commitment.


We are committed to exemplary health care we are focused on clinical excellence quality and patient safety by using scientific research base.


  1. Increase the large of services wherever there are opportunity to meet and area of customer need and demand on Ayurveda health care basis.
  2. Provide safe and therapeutic environment for all patient, staff and visitors.
  3. Increase overall satisfaction rates of patients, employees and medical officers.
  4. Achieve human resources key performance indicators.          


  • Opening details : 2010.02.13
  • Founder : Donated by Asian development bank (Tsunami project)
  • Condition existing on the day opening : OPD & herbal garden

Year by year progress 

2010OPD & herbal garden
2011OPD & herbal garden
2012 – 2021OPD, Wards, herbal garden, Pharmacy
Year By Year Progress

Curative Care

OPD Clinics 

DateName of Clinic
MondayPanchakarma Clinic, Kayika Roga Clinic, Madumeha Clinic, Gudagatha Roga Clinic, Sandi Roga Clinic.
TuesdayWatha Roga Clinic, Balaroga Clinic, Sthree Roga Clinic.
WednesdaySandi Roga Clinic, Rupalawanya Clinic, Kedum Bidum Clinic, Shavasana Roga.
ThursdayPanchakarma Clinic, Kayika Roga Clinic, Rudiragatha Meda /Hardha Roga Clinic, Wathakantaka Clinic, Charma Roga Clinic.
FridayENT Clinic, Shiragranthi Roga Clinic, Shiro Roga Clinic.
Week DaysParamparika Kedum Bidum Clinic.

Ward’s Details for General Public

Ward 01Female ward
Ward 02Female ward
Ward 03Panchakarma unit
Ward 04Male ward

Contact Details

  • Address : Chamal Rajapaksha Ayurvedic Research Hospital, Siribopura, Hambantota
  • Contact Numbers : 047-2256700
  • E-mail address :

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