Global Summit on Traditional Medicine-2023

In the context of global sustainable development, the first-ever global summit on sustainable development of indigenous peoples was held in India on the 17th and 18th of August. It was organized by the Sri Lankan government in collaboration with a regional organization. The summit was attended by various dignitaries including Hon. Sisira Jayakody, Minister of Indigenous Medicine, and Hon. Abegunawardana Mahaththaya, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Arts.

With the aim of preserving the traditional knowledge and cultural heritage of indigenous peoples, the summit discussed regional and international cooperation, protection of rights, promotion of cultural diversity within countries, and sharing knowledge for sustainable development. This global event also highlighted the importance of indigenous languages and their role in preserving traditional knowledge and cultural richness.

This gathering emphasized the significance of preserving and promoting local knowledge systems and traditional practices in Sri Lanka, and it shed light on various initiatives and efforts in this regard.

The contemporary knowledge and scientific achievements of the indigenous communities in Sri Lanka, as well as the experiences and insights of their leaders, were shared during this summit, contributing to the empowerment of the indigenous community and fostering a better understanding of their knowledge.

Numerous videos and documentaries related to the indigenous knowledge about various subjects were also presented during this summit, enriching the gathering with valuable insights.

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