Siddha Teaching Hospital – Kaithady

1. Name of the Institution: Siddha Teaching Hospital, Kaithady

i. Address of the Institution: Kandy Road, Jaffna

ii. Telephone No: 0212057104

iii. Email –

     Fax: 0212057104

  1. i. Vision
    Excellence in Tertiary patient care and Medical education through Siddha

ii. Mission
To ensure of physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of population
through Siddha system of medicine.
iii. Goal
To Ensure quality Patients’ Care with Best Clinical Standards & clinical
training along with sustainable supply of Siddha medicines through conservation
& preservation of medicinal plants with Clinical Research & Documentation in
Siddha Medicine in par with global standards.

iv. Objectives

  • To improve total patient care to 48,000 (18%) by enhancing outdoor and
    indoor patient care divisions, Special therapy divisions
  • To improve training capacity of UG, PG, increasing resource allocation by
  • To increase production and supply of Siddha Drugs from 75% to 100%
  • To expand herbal cultivation by 10% of existing garden
  • To initiate clinical research to minimum one in 2023


Medical Officer In-charge – Siddha Teaching Hospital, Kaithady.

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